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graduation assignment - mechanical engineer

Graduation assignment – Mechanical Engineering

Who we are: D&D Production & Sourcing b.v. is a Dutch company with facilities in the Netherlands (Bergeijk) and China (Jiashan). The Chinese division is called YangHan Machines and Equipment Co. Ltd. This is a Dutch-owned company, a so-called WOFE (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise). Dutch management runs the day-to-day operations. We assemble equipment and products

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TIG welding

Welding area

Recently, Yanghan has invested in a welding area. This article will explain which techniques we can offer. Welding techniques We have both MIG and TIG welding in house. Each with their own specific features. TIG TIG is best suited for thin sheet metal. It is important to infuse the least amount of heat into the

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assembly electrical appliances

For OEM-companies we assemble products in our factory. By doing so our clients can focus on their core business and increase the turn-over by at least 25%. This video does show full process flow from assembly untill shipment. Our customers are selling their products in China and Europe. The batch size are typically for SME

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grand opening YangHan

Grand opening

After 2 years of planning and building, the end is in sight. A long fostered wish, expanding our capacities and capabilities, comes through. Grand opening On October the 18th 2019, we will festively open our new production facility in Jiashan, China. We will be joined by our customers; suppliers; local government, our staff and management

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manufacturing engineering

Unfortunately, you cannot simply manufacture products in accordance with your European specifications in China. A different approach is required due to the materials, semi-finished products and bought-in parts that are available there. This article identifies the reasons for this situation and explains our solution. Materials Materials like aluminium, zamac, cast steel and ABS are not

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manufacturing in China

The Chinese market offers huge potential for European businesses. The sectors showing strong growth include 1) the entire food supply chain and 2) the environment. In the 13th five-year plan, both of these sectors have been classified as maximum priority areas. After countless sensational food scandals, the Chinese government wants to see concrete improvements in

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container of junk

You have a nice product, but the competition is closing in. Prices are under pressure and margins are slimming. A friend of yours has the solution : China. He also has a contact for you, we will call him Mr. Lee. You speak with him, the communication is smooth and he seems honest. You send

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Joint Venture Agreement

Joint Venture

Until a few years ago, entrepreneurs could only set up a company in China in the form of a J(oint) V(enture). The co-owner was always a Chinese partner or company. These days, this only applies in a limited number of sectors such as automotive, medical and other sectors determined by the Chinese government. Even so,

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Magnets are used in a wide variety of applications. For measuring movement, for example, in vibration sensors and angle sensors. This article focuses on a specific type of vibration sensor, commonly referred to as a geophone. A number of other interesting possibilities are also mentioned at the end of this blog. A geophone is a

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Keukenhof opened

On March 23, 2017, the Keukenhof will open its gates again and many will enjoy all the beauty. Visitors from the Netherlands, but also from countries all over the world. And also many Chinese will visit. The past few years a large number of flower parks have been created in China, with money from local

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Jul 5th 2016 D&D Safe Sourcing celibrated the 10 year anniversary, a jubilee for a remarkable company. history D&D Safe Sourcing bv is established in 2006 by Jan van der Donk and Hans van Dam. Started as a sourcing angency in 2006 and since 2011 with an own assembly factory in Shanghai. The Chinese company

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copyright = right to copy?

You have developed a brand new product. This will give your company an edge over the competition. You need to keep the price low, in order to get a quick market penetration and keep the competition at bay. Quantities are high, but there is quite a bit of manual labor involved. Europe is simply too

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Fallen angel

A transport company arrives to deliver some goods. Two men, the driver and his mate. Our fork lift driver starts to unload the truck. Then a big bang! The driver’s mat lies on the floor, cursing, claiming to be hit by the forklift. The man is brought to the closest hospital, where he has been

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