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Unfortunately, you cannot simply manufacture products in accordance with your European specifications in China. A different approach is required due to the materials, semi-finished products and bought-in parts that are available there. This article identifies the reasons for this situation and explains our solution.

Materials like aluminium, zamac, cast steel and ABS are not always available to European standards in China. They are however available to Chinese or American standards. We look for materials that are both favourably priced and that satisfy the requirements of the European standards. We also find out whether this material will be readily available on a long-term basis. After all, you want to avoid problems caused by delivery delays due to material shortages. Once we have found a good alternative, we send you our proposal along with a detailed comparison of the material properties.

Semi-finished products
In case of dimensions and tolerances for sheet products, profiles, etc. are often based on Chinese or American standards. We use our proven knowledge of the market to propose alternatives. Only after you have approved these alternatives are they put into production. If the semi-finished product is not available commercially, we investigate whether it can be manufactured specially for you.

Bought-in parts
Standardised Western components (such as bearings) are not always commercially available, and are often punitively expensive if they are. In many cases, using a Chinese component is a more cost-effective solution. Our buyers have an extensive network in China and look for an alternative bought-in part together with our engineers.
Sometimes we are unsuccessful, however the components can still be manufactured according to your specifications under our supervision.

D&D&D Safe Sourcing is a strong partner, both nationally and internationally, for many companies active in manufacturing. D&D Safe Sourcing has manufactured in China for 10 years now and is highly experienced in this area. We have manufactured products in China (Shanghai) on behalf of Nedap, Vanderlande and Gispen, etc. for many years, both for the local Chinese market and for companies in Europe.

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