Fallen angel

A transport company arrives to deliver some goods. Two men, the driver and his mate.
Our fork lift driver starts to unload the truck. Then a big bang! The driver’s mat lies on the floor, cursing, claiming to be hit by the forklift.

The man is brought to the closest hospital, where he has been tended in the emergency room. The doctor gives him an X-ray, to see if anything is broken or torn. Luckily, this is not the case and we can return home, relieved that everything is ok.
But is it ok?

Once back in the factory, the “victim” lies himself on the floor and stops moving. His colleague claims, that his mate can’t walk anymore, paralyzed from the waist down. Unless ……. there is a financial compensation. Heavy negotiations begin. There is no way to remove the drivers mate from the warehouse. Police refuses to come and our lawyer, advises to settle. And we did.

This is a true story, that happened to us. An unexpected cost, giving us a lot of unhealthy stress.

D&D has been in China for 10 years. We know, how to interpret cultural differences. You will not have to deal with these kinds of problems. Leave those up to us.