• FD Gazelle 2023

    FD Gazelle 2023

  • overzicht grote assemblage

    overzicht grote assemblage

  • assemblage BaseLine

    assemblage BaseLine

  • BaseLine montagelijn

    BaseLine montagelijn

  • assemblagelijn SLIDE

    assemblagelijn SLIDE

  • SLIDE by IIM

    SLIDE by IIM

  • montage etpersen

    montage etpersen

  • geassembleerde etspers

    geassembleerde etspers

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D&D Production & Sourcing b.v. is a Dutch company with facilities in the Netherlands (Bergeijk) and China (Jiashan). The Chinese division is called YangHan Machines and Equipment Co. Ltd. This is a Dutch-owned company, a so-called WOFE (Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise). Dutch management runs the day-to-day operations. We make machines, equipment and assembled products from metal and plastic for third parties. These are manufactured according to drawings or on the basis of a sample. Components are manufactured by our suppliers in their own factories. The assembly takes place in our separate secure facility to ensure undesired copying is prevented. Our motto is: safe and secure outsourcing.

Manufacturing for China

For the Chinese market we mostly produce machines and equipment. A good alternative to exporting from Europe to China. Especially interesting for the agri-food, air-conditioning, water treatment and refuse processing industries. Sales in China without concerns about manufacturing and transport. Avoiding headaches with import formalities.

Manufacturing for Europe

For our customers in Western Europe we focus on assembled products. In most cases, manufacturing tools are required (jigs, moulds etc.) for these components. Desired quality at a competitive price.

D&D Production & Sourcing has more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing in China.