Keukenhof opened

On March 23, 2017, the Keukenhof will open its gates again and many will enjoy all the beauty. Visitors from the Netherlands, but also from countries all over the world. And also many Chinese will visit.

The past few years a large number of flower parks have been created in China, with money from local governments and businesses. The parks are primarily designed to attract and generate tourism to the region. This includes souvenir shops, restaurants and garden centers, but also wedding related business, such as weddings, photo shoots and romantic stays.

In Dafeng, 250 km north of Shanghai the Holland Flower Park- 大丰 荷兰 花海 is located, its main flower is the tulip. The park consists of 35 ha Dutch tulips, various Zaanse-Schans houses, 12 mills, a garden center, a recreational pond, a horticultural area in development, and an outlet-center. Even the St. Laurenskerk in Alkmaar is recreated in miniature! In 2013, the vast Holland Flower Park was opened and last year attracted nearly 2 million visitors. The Dutch business community has in many of these parks a substantial interest. The majority of the bulbs are come from by Dutch growers.

These parks, have sharply increased the interest in flowers and plants. Besides the products (flowers, bulbs and seeds) technology will play an increasingly important role. For instance machinery and equipment needed for planting, harvesting and processing the flowers and plants. Great opportunities for companies to sell their machinery and equipment in China.

Holland Flower Park- 大丰 荷兰 花海 is not far from Shanghai, where D & D Safe Sourcing is located. D & D Safe Sourcing makes machinery for companies selling in China. We offer a safe and secure alternative for exporting machinery and equipment to China.

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