Manufacturing for China

Exporting machines and equipment from Europe to China is a challenge. You have to consider a number of aspects such as licenses, transport, import duties, exchange rate risk, language difficulties, etc.

Having these items made in our factory in China is a good alternative. We manufacture products for the Chinese market on behalf of European companies. As a result, these companies can trade effectively in China by offering European quality, short delivery lead times and prices that are highly competitive in comparison to Chinese and American parties.

Our customers are OEMs that manufacture machines and equipment in the following sectors:
Agriculture and horticulture
– Animal husbandry
– Food processing
– Water treatment
– Waste processing

Our expertise lies in our ability to make machines/equipment according to exact specifications. The manufacture of frames, cladding, guides, electrical cabinets, etc. Control systems and processing units are delivered to our factory from Europe. An experienced team of fitters and engineers assemble and test the products in our own factory there. They follow work instructions that comply with the ISO‐9001 quality standard. We then deliver the finished products on demand from our central warehouse in China.

The advantages compared to exporting to China are:
– Shorter delivery lead times
– Low or zero import duties
– Local hourly pay rates
In addition, we also offer local after-sales service in China.

D&D Production & Sourcing has manufactured in China for more then 10 years now and is highly experienced in this area.

If you would like more information about manufacturing for the Chinese market by D&D Production & Sourcing, please click here.