Manufacturing for Europa

Our key strength lies in our ability to deliver products in accordance with a drawing/sample. In other words manufacturing and sourcing in China. Mainly products and modules made from metal and plastic for OEM companies in Europe.


We have the tooling made and then subcontract manufacturing to partners in China. An experienced team of fitters and engineers assembles and tests the products in our own factory there. They follow work instructions that comply with the ISO‐9001 quality standard. After assembly, the products are shipped from China to Europe. We ship by sea, air or train depending on customer requirements. We can advise you on the most suitable type of transport. The products can then be delivered on demand from a central warehouse in the Netherlands.


D&D Production & Sourcing has manufactured in China for more than 12 years now and is highly experienced in this area. Your point of contact is our office in Bergeijk. Nothing could be more convenient.


Some advantages of outsourcing manufacturing to D&D Production & Sourcing in China:
– No risk of copying
– The quality you require
– Payment after delivery


We have manufactured successfully in this way for many years for:
– industrial companies active in a variety of sectors
– companies that sell a unique product
– companies offering mass-produced products


If you would like more information about manufacturing by D&D Production & Sourcing for China, please click here .