manufacturing in China

The Chinese market offers huge potential for European businesses. The sectors showing strong growth include 1) the entire food supply chain and 2) the environment. In the 13th five-year plan, both of these sectors have been classified as maximum priority areas.

After countless sensational food scandals, the Chinese government wants to see concrete improvements in food quality and safety. Consequently, there are significant opportunities for European companies that are active in the agri-food sector.

The last five-year plan also identified concrete values for the maximum permissible level of pollution in the air and water. There is an urgent need for equipment and products to prevent pollution and clean up the environment.

All in all, a wealth of opportunities for European companies that offer intelligent solutions. Exporting to China seems to be the obvious solution here. However, there is also another option: manufacture in China.

This is because manufacturing in China is a good alternative to exporting goods to China. This approach has a number of advantages in comparison to exporting to China:
• Shorter delivery lead times.
• Lower import duties.
• Keener product pricing.
• Local aftersales support.

D&D Production & Sourcing has manufactured in China for 10 years now and is highly experienced in this area. We have manufactured products for the local market on behalf of Nedap, Vanderlande and Gispen for many years.

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