Jul 5th 2016 D&D Safe Sourcing celibrated the 10 year anniversary, a jubilee for a remarkable company.


D&D Safe Sourcing bv is estimated in 2006 by Jan van der Donk and Hans van Dam. Started as a sourcing angency in 2006 and since 2011 with an own assembly factory in Shanghai. The Chinese company is named YangHan Machines and Equipment Ltd and is fully owned by D&D Safe Sourcing. Interesting to know, the company name YangHan is based on the Chinese first names of Jan and Hans. In the Chinese company (end)produkten are assembled, tested and sometimes calibrated. Originally all goods have been shipped to Europe. Nowadays more and more is produced for clients selling at the Chinese mainland.


July 27th Hans and Jan celibrated this jubilee in Shanghai. With both their families, staff, relations, friends and vice-consul. Below some photos of this beautifull jubilee.

new office

Septembre 2th the jubilee has been celibrated in the Netherlands combined with the opening of the new office.